StreaMe Introduces New Digital Ecosystem

Brian and Jim Kehoe, along with Thomas Ian Nicholas, and other popular creatives, vow to be among the first 300 pre-vetted publishers to add content to the platform, while advisors, such as Xavier Kochhar, will be active in guiding strategy and growth

March 29, 2018 09:45 AM Eastern Daylight Time
LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)--StreaMe, the first complete, self-managed streaming content ecosystem, today announces it is inviting publishers, aggregators, content owners, rights holders, and creatives who will be amongst the first 300+ to be part of its Fall 2018 reveal, alongside elite Hollywood insiders such as the Kehoe Brothers (Blockers), Thomas Ian Nicholas (American Pie, Rookie of the Year), as well as a strong team of advisors, including Xavier Kochhar (The Video Genome Project), and others. With the first lineup of invitees agreeing to publish content to this new platform, their aim is to change the content distribution and monetization landscape to level the playing field, giving the leveraging position back to the content owners, rights holders, and creatives! Quality publishers will be invited based on the metric of an already-existing fan base, and communities can form around specific pieces of content, while creators will have the means to monetize activity on the platform through subscriptions.

“By democratizing these data and personalization tools from the get-go, StreaMe puts the power back where it belongs: in the hands of content creators and consumers themselves. This is a good thing.”

By consolidating all aspects of publishing into one platform, StreaMe creates efficiencies within a currently fragmented and dispersed Internet, requiring a costly duplication of tasks and complicated tracking of audience analytics. Publishers also lose out on potential earnings to the big platforms that host their work at each step of their content’s life cycle. StreaMe is designed to fix this problem, with potential revenue shares of up to 80 percent.

“The way the current landscape exists now doesn’t work for everyone, so StreaMe was built to solve the inherent problems publishers face with retaining ownership and control of their content,” says JP Fatta, Founder, Chairman, and CEO of StreaMe. “UGC, digital studios, and DIY methods are all failing content creators, publishers, and others in this industry because they offer little monetization opportunities and force them to give up entitlement. People end up abandoning these platforms and don’t have anywhere to go from there. The StreaMe model is THE all-encompassing solution that everyone has been waiting for. We’re delivering it within a simple, easy-to-use ecosystem, where the entitlement and control stay in the hands of content rights holders.”

The StreaMe digital ecosystem will be live in Fall 2018, giving publishers, aggregators, content owners, rights holders, and creatives, the tools to successfully build their own networks in one place. Studios and existing networks will be able to do the same, as the platform will allow them to build upon their own networks and channels to be their own broadcasters within the platform.


“I have known and been privy to the vision behind StreaMe from the talented and experienced team behind it, and see the need for such a platform to exist that finally enables the creators to take full control of their distribution and monetization digitally,” said Writer, Producer, and Director, Jim Kehoe.

The beauty of the platform is that it’s placing everyone adjacent to one another all under one roof. Publishers will have the power to combine their content into packages that are then built out into channels and networks, while creating a brand experience to allow for advertising revenues. This takes the guesswork out of the process, providing a better experience for the user while retaining valuable analytical data for the publisher. The platform also enables a flexible monetization model that any publisher can maximize depending on their audience, brand, and type of content, giving them the freedom in which to elect to profit in multiple ways.

What makes StreaMe attractive to the creative community, and those who will join the platform, is that it puts those publishers at the top of the hierarchy, ensuring they pocket the most revenue, while offering them a way to socialize their content and engage audiences without ever having to leave the platform. It is a complete model for publishing online which has the further benefit of aggregating audiences.

“StreaMe is going to give revenue directly to the creators in a transparent format. This is an amazing opportunity for filmmakers of all kinds,” said Thomas Ian Nicholas; Actor, Director. “Users will also have the ability to share and support each other’s content in a brand-new way. Everyone wins, creators and viewers.”

“I believe in JP’s vision in making structured data and personalization a priority—but to the degree that users deem appropriate, not third-party developers or the platform itself,” said Xavier Kochhar, Founder of The Video Genome Project, which was acquired by Hulu. “By democratizing these data and personalization tools from the get-go, StreaMe puts the power back where it belongs: in the hands of content creators and consumers themselves. This is a good thing.”

StreaMe will be launching in the fall of 2018, with the goal of initially hosting 300+ publishers, aggregators, content owners, rights holders, and creatives. Additionally, StreaMe is partnering with creatives to develop exclusive content for the platform, and accepting content submissions from networks, studios, celebrities, influencers, and independent production companies.

About StreaMe

StreaMe is the first complete, self-managed streaming content ecosystem. We provide studios, broadcast networks, independent publishers, and celebrities with the tools to power their business in order to retain full ownership and control of their content to maximize profits. By incorporating streaming capabilities, social media interaction, marketing customization and flexible monetization options, all on one platform, StreaMe is the only comprehensive solution that gives the power back to the creatives. Content creators and publishers who unleash the full potential of the StreaMe ecosystem spend less time worrying about how to build, market, and monetize because we’ve taken the guesswork out of it. We’ve partnered with Hollywood filmmakers and other high-level industry executives to develop a healthy digital ecosystem where everyone wins! Learn more by following us on social media on Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, or by visiting us at

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