Pegasus Fintech Approved As First North American GBX Sponsor Firm

12th Sponsor Firm Joins The Network

Thursday, June 7th, 2018

Based in Toronto, Canada, Pegasus Fintech Canada Inc. has been approved as a GBX Sponsor Firm and is the first North American-based Sponsor to join the network.

Pegasus is the 12th Sponsor Firm to join the growing network of experts in token sales. They will be bringing token issuers to the GBX Grid where participants get ‘one-click’ access to institutional-grade token sales. The issued tokens may then have the option to be traded on the GBX Digital Asset Exchange which will be conducting its soft launch this month. Pegasus also boasts the title of the first Sponsor Firm based in North America.

“Pegasus Fintech is excited and honoured to be the first GBX Sponsor Firm representing North America. The GBX has positioned itself as an industry leader affording the Crypto community a highly compliant and thorough review process for listed utility tokens,” said David Lucatch, Executive Chairman of Pegasus Fintech Canada Inc. “As a Sponsor Firm focused on compliant offers, the GBX will extend our reach globally.”

Power Of The GBX Grid

With each new Sponsor Firm joining the GBX Grid, the services and solutions for token issuers become greater and more accessible globally. Every Sponsor Firm has niche expertise and experience that can support the many innovative and groundbreaking projects that seek to issue a token sale. With more Sponsor Firms, the strength of the community will continue to grow, creating an institutional-grade environment in which GBX, as a community, can shape a new era in token sales and help set new best practices and industry standards.