Our Digital Twin & The Blockchain

Join Pegasus at the Toronto Analytics Conference, May 11 @ The Art Gallery of Ontario

Take a closer look at emerging technologies in big data, machine learning, deep learning and artificial intelligence, to understand what it means to us as humans. Analytics By Design is a community of analytics students and professionals advocating the integration of design-thinking into the development of analytics solutions.

Gary Schwartz keynotes on the evolving way identity and PII (Personally Identifiable Information) are managed in a world post-GDPR, post-Facebook debacle. What are the innovative ways that the blockchain can solve for efficiencies and sovereign control.

Over the past 25 years, Gary has played a leadership role in the high-tech industry founding, investing and managing a number of companies in the health, marketing, social media, blockchain and financial sectors. He is managing director of Pegasus Fintech, a global ICO accelerator. Gary keynotes globally on blockchain application development and security token-based capital formation. He runs token solutions for cities, multinationals and variety of pubic dAAPS.