Diana Adachi Talks Regulation

Diana Adachi is the CEO of Pegasus Fintech, a full-service blockchain, technology, and token accelerator that supports regulatory compliant public initial blockchain offerings. Since the late ‘90s, she has worked in the development and launch of multiple payment innovations, including blockchain and distributed ledgers.

Today, Diana shares her expertise on ICOs, their regulations and challenges, and the importance of launching an ICO with the proper guidance.


Topics covered:

    1. Important difference between bitcoin & blockchain, and how they’re not one of the same.
    2. How large companies took notice of blockchain and bitcoin, and started looking for ways to leverage the technology or understand how it would affect their business.
    3. ICO advantages and reasons for their exponential growth in popularity.
    4. Regulations, challenges, and confusion around ICOs.
    5. What Pegasus Fintech does in the blockchain and crypto space.
    6. Outlook for guidelines and regulations.
    7. Importance of launching ICOs with proper guidance.
    8. Is regulation stifling innovation or is it accomplishing what it seems to do by protecting consumers and investors?


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