Sample Clients

WonderKoin Entertainment Corp. is a new Entertainment platform, utilizing tokens on blockchain technology that takes Crowd participation in movie making to the next level. WonderKoin is launching an innovative new token dedicated to crowd participation in the financing, production, distribution and marketing of independent film slates. WonderKoin will be a digital token-based system that bypasses Hollywood moguls to put investment participation into movie productions and movie franchises into the hands of the end user while offering writers and Directors the creative freedom to create the films in their hearts. Its mission is to transform entertainment viewers into investors. WonderKoin will invest in certain Wonderfilm Media Corporation productions, productions from other media companies and in innovative entertainment technologies. Wonderfilm is headed by one of the most prolific movie producers in North America, Kirk Shaw. Shaw and his team have over 360 production credits among them. They have a $60 million slate of production in place for 2018 with the first film under this new venture set to star Nicolas Cage.
Mortgage Blocks is a licensed mortgage origination corporation specializing in mortgage markets that have historically been under serviced by traditional lenders in terms of loan type and geographic locations. Our directive is "Preservation of Capital". Our unique combination of experience, underwriting, risk analysis, and mortgage origination enables Mortgage Blocks to accurately gauge a deal's potential. The success of the Mortgage Blocks team is measured by the "Return on Investment" our fund will generate for investors and will be reflected in a direct monthly cash flow. Unlike the variable returns from stock and mutual funds, we provide investors with a high yielding return and low volatility in the investment. The fund is fully secured against the subject property (as a mortgage) where it enjoys a steady interest on the funds. Mortgage Blocks registers the investment in the exact same manner that a bank would register a conventional mortgage. This is a proven business model.
Fan Blocks Ltd. is a leading edge e-commerce provider of immersive retail entertainment experiences with a subscription-based model of exclusive and curated content. Powered by a coordinated use of technologies that delivers high value customer experiences, Fan Blocks has established a new end-to-end solution with a full suite of products that include fan-themed and exclusive merchandise, online and mobile engagement and crypto-based loyalty and rewards programs. Boasting existing licenses with US Colleges and English Premier Football clubs, Fan Blocks is poised to broaden its reach and expand into other national and world-wide leagues.
RemoteMyApp sp. Z o.o. or “OnePlay” is a cloud-based game streaming subscription platform for B2B and B2C users, eliminating the need for expensive gaming hardware and opening up the possibilities for avid gamers to play advanced AAA games using their existing devices. Games will be accessed via the Chrome browser on PC, MAC & Linux as well as through a developed app which will allow the gamer to play on any device without having to download excessive files or navigate through prohibitive installations. Gamers can play instantly on their existing equipment and enjoy unlimited games through the streaming and subscription services available on this unique platform that will service all primary gamer segments.
GEON Network enables a frictionless transfer of real world value with the users of the network based on their geolocation and the advertisers at that location and participation of events. They have solved the issue for users who do not have an address stored on a blockchain or a crypto currency wallet. GEON relies on “proof-of-location” as the main condition used by the network when the transaction is validated. The user just agrees to the transfer by being present at a specific location and acknowledging a notification on their mobile device. Ultimately this reduces the barrier to entry for participation, hence accelerates adoption across user types.
MoneyTrac Technology Inc. through its strategic partnerships offers a state-of- the-art suite of financial services for businesses in large and fast-growing unbanked industries. While these markets include legal cannabis, cryptocurrency, e-cigarettes, firearms, online gambling and adult-only products, which generate hundreds of millions or billions of dollars in economic activity, they are effectively cut off or severely restricted from access to the routine payment and financial services available to most other businesses. Institutions and other providers consider them outside the credit or risk tolerances. This results in significant operational inefficiencies and barriers to growth, such as exorbitant processing fees, an over-reliance on cash, and limited capital access.
Paymagnet has innovated the way entities/individuals can accept "contactless card" payments without the need for expensive POS hardware, saving them thousands in costs and fees associated with older legacy infrastructure. The only items a merchant needs are a smartphone, Paymagnet app that they download and a Paymagnet tag. The Paymagnet app will scan all the details and processes the transaction directly with the smartphone. Furthermore, consumers can rely on online and mobile transactions as they order and pay, transfer funds and buy crypto currencies. Paymagnet is bridging the gap, by enable financial inclusion for merchants who can´t ordinarily process crypto currencies and would like to be paid in fiat currency.
KABN is an end-to-end suite of services designed to meet the growing demand for compliant ICO participation. KABN has created a patent-pending B2B2C infrastructure to allow clients and consumers to take actions that require complex and time-consuming attestation in a turn-key fashion leveraging smart contract registries. KABN’s flagship product, called KABN ID, is a bank-grade, patent-pending biometric validation and verification platform. It is the anchor of a suite of services that support global cryptocurrency programs and their customers by providing utility and liquidity for coin and token offering. At the heart of KABN’s value is our strict focus on compliance and robust patent-pending KYC | AML process.