The Pegasus Accelerator Program provides business consulting, marketing and technology support services.

The Pegasus Approach

Pegasus focuses on 4 guiding principles:

1. Support compliant Business programs and offering
The current ICO market is subject to regulatory compliance. Although many firms continue to advocate for a non-security Token, Pegasus believes that the vast majority of Tokens are securities and should be treated accordingly. We are the first company to adopt the Public Initial Blockchain Offering or “PIBCO” standard as part of the candidate’s overall business strategy differentiating it from the current, unregulated ICOs that may not be compliant with jurisdictional securities laws.
2. Supporting outstanding Business Use Cases with great Teams
Each PIBCO transaction that Pegasus reviews must meet a strict criteria for acceptance. As a compliant transaction may require regulatory approval, the rules and standards are very clear from the outset. Pegasus’ review committee vet each use case and business plan to determine its potential viability in the marketplace. Pegasus, together with its professional services partners, will advise the PIBCO candidate on how best to create a model to maximize market acceptance.
3. Matches Marketplace requirements with the Appropriate Solutions
Pegasus recommends a strategy and structure, and where applicable, makes introductions to professionals, investment organizations and others that are compatible with the state of the use case and its business and funding offering. This includes regulatory compliant jurisdictional securities offerings for consideration by the enterprise and their professionals. By using balance sheet funding instead of income statement funding programs, PIBCO candidates may potentially avoid significant tax income related issues.
4. Supporting Liquidity Opportunities for Stakeholders
Pegasus has developed business methods using innovative and compliant solutions that allow Token holders to potentially increase the liquidity of cryptocurrency for fiat currency through existing and evolving compliant marketplace and banking efficiencies.


The Pegasus global program deploys a team of highly skilled industry, marketing, legal and financial specialists that provide, though our consulting efforts, evaluation, management, resources and tools to affect the long-term growth of the business.

We also work with and introduce, where appropriate, Legal, Accounting, Investment Banking, Private Equity and the members of the investment community to support our client’s capital formation programs.